Pool and Spa News

updated 01/12/2019 4:09pm

Pool Open!

posted 05/16/2020 9:10am

With the state moving to yellow today, the pool (and playgrounds) are open again.

Please remember that at this time, no more than 50 individuals are allowed in the pool area at a time, keep yourself 6 feet away from other individuals, and continue sanitizing.

For COVID-19 guidelines, visit coronavirus.utah.gov

General pool reminders:

Shower before entering the pool or spa

No food or drink in the pool area

Do not exit through the emergency doors in the pool area

No diving, running, or horseplay

Pool Closed

updated 03/27/2020 12:02am

On 3/18/2020, the Board made the decision to close the pool until further notice due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

This was not an easy decision, but we feel it is the responsible thing to do.

The pool will likely be closed until Nebo School District schools are back in session, or until the CDC allows restaurants and other public places to open again.


Spa repaired

updated 11/13/2019 10:04am

The spa is now back up and running.

Just a reminder that you are required to shower before entering the pool or spa. The abundance of bubbles that keep accumulating in the spa is due to soaps, shampoo, detergents, etc. still being on people's body, hair, swimsuits 

Spa Closed

updated 11/13/2019 10:02am

The spa is currently closed due to the heater needing service. As of 10/30, we're just waiting for parts to arrive. 

Pool Update for January 15, 2019

posted 01/15/2019 11:31pm

The pool and spa are open now!

Clubhouse hours are 5am-9pm
Pool hours are 7am-9pm

Remember, all swimmers are required to shower before entering the pool or spa. 
No food or drink in the pool area.
Anyone under 18 years old must be supervised by an adult at all times while in the clubhouse.
Swimmers must be at least 12 years old to be in the spa.
Do not hang on the pool cover, and no jumping off of or hanging on the railing.

Thank you everyone for your patience while the pool was closed. Your respect has been appreciated.


Pool Update January 11, 2019

updated 01/12/2019 4:25pm

The pool and spa are so close to being open!

The CPO has completed the annual maintenance this week - way ahead of schedule; We were told it could take up to a month for the Engineer to sign off on some of the work needed. 

An inspection by the Health Department is scheduled for early next week. If all goes well and we pass inspection, we'll be given permission to open. 


Pool Update January 6, 2019

updated 01/12/2019 4:24pm

The pool and spa are currently closed for annual maintenance.

Pool Update for February 04, 2017

posted 02/04/2017 10:36am

Lights in the pool are all working


Pool Update for January 26, 2017

posted 01/26/2017 8:21pm

New pool light ordered


Pool Update for January 21, 2017

updated 01/25/2017 9:39pm

Emergency Exit Door Alarms have been ordered and are on their way


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