Smoking at Ridgestone

updated 06/08/2020 1:13pm

Ridgestone Condominiums is a non-smoking complex.

Smoking shall include the inhaling, exhaling, burning, or carrying of any lighted product including the following:
i. Cigars
ii. Electronic Cigarettes
iii. Illicit or illegal Cigarettes
iv. Pipes
v. Tobacco products of kind that is burned or lighted
vi. Vaporized Cigarettes

Residents living at Ridgestone prior to August 1, 2018 have been grandfathered in. Those grandfathered in must abide by the rules below:

  • Smoking may not be done within any unit.
  • Smoking shall not be done within 25 feet of any entrance-way, exit, open window, or air intake of a building at the Ridgestone complex.
  • Smoking shall not be done within 100 feet of unenclosed areas primarily used by children and unenclosed areas with improvements that facilitate physical activity including playgrounds, swimming pools, and outdoor basketball / volleyball courts.


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