2019 Annual Board Meeting

updated 01/09/2019 10:56pm

Let your voice be heard, vote for changes, and meet fellow homeowners at the


This is your formal invitation to the annual Ridgestone HOA meeting.
It will be held on Thursday, January 10th, 2019 at 7pm.
The location of the meeting will be at the Ridgestone Clubhouse.
One homeowner from each unit must attend. We understand it is difficult for
some, but please do all you can to be there.

Voting is required for a new Board member and budget approval. Without proper
attendance and voting participation (at least 75%), we will not meet this requirement.

If sufficient homeowners do not attend and vote, we will have to contact you in the days
following the meeting (using up your time and ours) to fill you in and get your vote.

Everyone is invited. However, for legal reasons, only homeowners may vote.
If you have any chairs you could bring to help accommodate everyone, it would be

Included are the submitted paragraphs from the homeowners who have reached out to
have their name on the ballot for the open Board member position. If anyone else is
interested in being on the Board, please e-mail your information to

Thank you and we will see you there!
Vic Peterson
Richard Bird
Ridgestone Board Members

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